Voting Information


We deeply believe that winning state legislative races builds long term power and electoral success for democrats up and down the ballot in Florida. We are proud to be a partner organization doing exactly that — winning from the ground up. We’re focused on running up the score for democrats through voter registration efforts in targeted state legislative districts for long term gains.

The Problem

Republicans have outworked Democrats in voter registration statewide. We’ve seen around a 25% growth in Democratic and Republican party registration statewide in the past five years with 37% NPA party growth in key areas of the state. This Republican and NPA growth has surpassed Democratic registration in competitive areas causing losses in competitive state legislative races.

The Solution

Running strategic voter registration programming in targeted areas to run up the score in competitive state legislative districts and produce more voters for candidates to communicate with. We also target NPA voters in these districts with community specific party messaging encouraging them to switch parties.

How we do that


We analyze specific data sets to identify possible defend or pick up opportunities for the state legislature.


We partner with and invest in communities and the wealth of knowledge they bring to the table.


We stay focused on the long  term goal of winning state legislative elections.

OUR 2021-2022 TARGETS

*As currently drawn